07-14 GT500 Intercooler


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For use only with J2Fab flow mod, this intercooler was designed and built in house at J2Fabrication with custom built cores supplied to us by Bell Intercoolers.

100% made in the USA, this intercooler is a no compromise approach at improving the GT500’s intercooling system.

Advantages over stock include:

  • 100% New
  • J2Fab exclusive single pass hybrid design
  • Billet Tanks and Mounting rails to resist cracking under high pressure
  • Relocated divider, giving you a full -16 inlet
  • 120% more water flow over OEM non-modded intercooler
  • 45% more water flow over J2Fab modded OEM unit
  • 26%+ more airflow over OEM unit
  • 1260CFM @ 20PSI
  • 1440CFM @ 30PSI

*Only select “NO” for flow mod if you previously purchased a flow mod kit and modified your OEM core.  This intercooler will NOT work with OEM tubes and adapter*

*Does not require cutting manifold wider to uncover rows*

*Please allow 8 weeks for all Custom J2Fab Items until further notice.  All orders are being processed as built to order.*

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 8 in
Add Flow Mod

Yes, No