Taurus SHO catch can


This is the J2Fab crankcase evap system for the Taurus SHO and other applicable applications.

Product features:
J2Fab exclusive billet intake plug eliminates the PCV function.
Can features a recessed stainless steel filter element,
and comes with two (2) Male 10an flare fittings integrated into the Catch

Can’s top end cap.
Internally baffled to improve oil vapor capture and collection while
preventing particulate from escaping.

-8AN drain plug integrated into bottom for easy draining or can be adapted as a

return feed to the oil pan.
Individual -10 hoses from each valve cover with OEM style fittings.
This is the only catch can setup on the market that can 100% guarantee no oil is reintroduced into your turbos reducing efficiency of your intercooler and coking up intake valves on your direct injected engine.  In addition to this, it is the best flowing setup on the market.  While others have -4an sized orifices and retain the OEM PCV, the J2Fab kit is full -10an fittings and hoses.
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Hose Style

Stainless braided hose, Black braided nylon hose, Red braided nylon hose


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