Condition: Low voltage observed on data log or Aeroforce gauge.

Diag: Confirm correct voltage by putting a multimeter on the charge post or battery positive terminal.  It is common for the ECU to read .5v-1v lower than actual system voltage.  Correct voltage is 13.5-14v hot.  If voltage still appears to be low, contact J2Fabrication for further instruction.


Condition: Battery light on or no charge.

Diag: Confirm alternator is not charging by using a multimeter on the positive battery terminal. Voltage should read between 13.5-14v typically.  If voltage is below 12.7 it is likely that the alternator is not functioning.  Press/wiggle on the plug on the bottom of the alternator while observing voltage to see if you get a spike. If you do, it is a common issue that the plug has broken internally.  Replace with Ford part number 1U2Z-14S411-TA if you have a 6G, or Ford part number 3U2J-14B475-AA if you have a 4G.  This can be purchased directly from me, or through your Ford dealer.  If this does not remedy your issue, contact J2Fabrication for further instruction.

Condition: Stewart Components E2512A is not turning on

Diag: Confirm pump has been wired correctly with the supplied instructions.  (Note: Pump will have a 6-7second delay from the time of putting power to it to it turning on.  This is due to the ESC searching for a can-bus signal.  After 6-7seconds of not getting a signal, pump turns on to default set RPM)