03/04 Cobra alternator installation.

Remove battery.  Remove nut from fuse box and pull cable leading to battery terminal off.  Cut 2ga wire that is crimped to stock battery terminal off close to terminal.  Remove fusible link from fuse box end and alternator end and pull it out of the wire loom.  Clip green wire piggybacked into fusible link close to the link.

Install supplied cable with inline fuse from alternator to fuse box, wrapping up around the front of alternator. Fuse should end up sitting by battery tray above alternator.  Put supplied ring terminal with blue heat shrink on green wire and head shrink.  Put supplied 2ga cable lug and head shrink on wire that was cut from stock battery lug and crimp it.  Install supplied cable between fuse box and new battery terminal. Install factory 2ga on new battery terminal. install green wire on new battery terminal.  Supplied ground needs to be installed between block and frame.  Customers with tubular k-members have access to a motor mount stud. Attach frame side to sway bar bolt or another bolt on driver side frame rail. Be sure to clean off paint.  Customer with factory k-member choose a boss on the block that you can access or the lower alternator bracket.  Be sure all surfaces are clean.