Q: Which Intercooler pump is right for me?

A: This is entirely dependent on your particular build, but it is true that you cannot have too large of an intercooler pump.  In most situations I recommend the Stewart EMP, but for customers that need a more budget friendly pump, we have other options that we can look at such as the 13/14 GT500 pump or the DC150.

Q: Why external intercooler pumps instead of internal?

A: The internal pumps being sold by others are convenient and cheap. They are boat bilge pumps and not meant to be used in hot water with a pressure head like an intercooler system.  Their performance is sub-par, and reliability is mediocre at best.

Q: Should I bypass my heat exchanger while using ice with your system?

A: Bypassing the heat exchanger on a street car with my system is more hassle than its worth typically.  Most of the time customers will find with my complete system that they can keep the IAT2 in control on straight water, and do not have the need to add ice.  Once adding ice, you are just splitting hairs trying to squeeze out a few more degree’s of drop.

Q: Are your alternators bolt in?

A: Yes, unless otherwise specified our units are a 100% OEM fit and finish. Use the same plugs as factory, and will function without any modifications or calibrations. The big3 kit I sell is pre-made to be a 90% bolt in kit, with 100% of the pieces needed.

Q: Is your flow mod just for race cars? I have a street car.

A: Any car can and will benefit from the flow mod.  In fact, street cars and road course cars that do not have cool down periods or ice to depend on to get their temperatures to drop will benefit most from our intercooler system.