Denso Hairpin High-Output (03/04 Cobra)


Rated at 185A peak these units offer greater idle performance (up to 140A) making them the perfect choice for stock to mildly modified applications.

When compared to our first generation 200A 6G, this unit has an idle output 27% greater, will reach peak output 50% sooner, and will hold its peak output longer making it superior to the old J2Fab-200A and any other 3G or 6G Cobra unit in every practical way

Ideal for cars with high draw from fuel system, A2W trunk mounted pump, H/E fans, stereo, or OEM Cobra’s just looking for an upgrade/replacement with much greater longevity and resistance to overheating!

Customers running a combination of fuel system, Stewart EMP, electric WP, H/E fans and more, please see our 270A Extreme Output.

  • 100% new components and direct bolt in case.
  • Custom rotor/stator to decrease air gap to improve idle output.
  • Balanced rotor and 0 run-out slip rings to improve unit life and eliminate battery light flicker.
  • Heavy duty 12 diode twin rectifier plates
  • Improved air flow to ensure long service life in severe conditions
  • NTN premium and NSK USA bearings.

This unit ships with a 69mm pulley and is suitable for stock to 6LB lowers.  If you have a larger pulley or spin in excess of 7600rpm with a 6LB lower please specify in your order notes or tell your sales representative when placing your order. No RPM limitation on stock, 2lb, or 4lb lower pulley.

185A J2Fab units require cable upgrade.

Link for cable upgrade install on 03/04 cobra – Cobra Big3 Install

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Big3 Cable Kit

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Black Powdercoat

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